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Key Readings in American Philosophy
Revolution of the Word: Modernist American Poetry
American Studies: New Theories and Trends
Life Writing as Resistance and Utopian Vision: Black Autobiographies from Frederick Douglass to Barack Obama
American History through Film


The Role of the (Semi)Public Intellectual
Black Studies: From Sojourner Truth to Afro-Pessimism
Modernist Poetry
The Neo-Western
Unchained? The Neo-Slave Narrative in Text and Film
The Poetics and Politics of Nature: American Environmentalism
The Slave Narrative
Transcendentalism and Romanticism
American Poetry and Poetics
Gunslingers, Heroes, and Discontent: The Western Genre
Everyday Culture: Theoretical Approaches
Capitalism and Critique: From Thoreau to Occupy
"The world is a possibility if only you'll discover it": Ralph Ellison
Death Poetry
Philosophy and Popular Culture
Literature and Disability Studies
From Sojourner Truth to Cornel West: African American Intellectuals in the Public Arena
American Music and Cultural Identity
Gender and Genre: The Case of the Short Story
Teaching Poetry
American Intellectual History: From Jonathan Edwards to Judith Butler
Modernist Poetry: Wallace Stevens and William Carlos Williams
Literature on Screen
Jazz in Literature: From The Great Gatsby to Postmodernism
Voices and Visions: American Poetry from the Puritans to the Present
Pragmatism, Old and New
The Harlem Renaissance
"Love is Divine Only and Difficult Always": Toni Morrison
Everyday Culture: Theoretical Approaches
"I Hear America Singing": American Romanticism and Transcendentalism
Modern and Contemporary Short Fiction
Born in the USA: Approaches to America Through Music
In Transition: Self and Society in American Literature (1870-1920)
Representations of Race and Gender in British Literature and Popular Culture
American Music and Cultural Identity
Cultural Theory
Key Readings in American Philosophy


American Crises in Film: From The Birth of a Nation to The Wolf of Wall Street
Teaching Poetry
From The Birth of a Nation to Fahrenheit 9/11: Approaches to America through Film
Introduction to American Literary and Cultural History
The American Short Story
Jane Austen in Film and Text
Introduction to Feminist Theory


Survey of English and American Literatures (im Team; mehrfach)
Introduction to British Literary Studies (mehrfach)

Blockseminare (Hauptstufe)

American Philosophy and Culture
Discourses of Desire


Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Media
Representations of Sexuality

Intensivseminare (team-taught)

Approaches and Theories in American Studies

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